About Me

“I sensed a common desire in my clients to delve deeper to understand their personal struggles…”

Hi, I’m Agnes. Transformational life coach, mother of three and resident of The Netherlands. My journey to where I am today was not straightforward. It involves relocating my family of five from Hungary where I was born and raised, a few career changes along the way, and a lot of soul searching.

Today I can honestly say I am living in my authentic self every day (or at least on the good days!). Through a lot of self-exploration I found my true work path and now get to do what I love every day. 

But it wasn’t always this way. 

For as long as I can remember, my whole life has been about exuding confidence to mask the fear and overwhelm underneath. On paper, things looked good, but the feeling of unfulfillment and dissatisfaction was all-consuming.

This left me stuck.

At the time I was living physically in Hungary but working virtually with little connection to my physical environment.

As a family of five, uprooting our life was not an easy decision, but eventually we made the move to The Netherlands. When we were welcomed with community positivity and openness, we realised it was the missing piece we didn’t know we needed. 

Life was good. We were living in a nice house, in a good neighbourhood. We had physical and financial safety. We had happy children that made us proud every day. We were travelling, making memories and visiting friends all around the world.

But something was still missing. 

When all the external boxes were checked and something still didn’t feel right, I had no choice but to look inward.  

Professionally I was a successful, renowned expert in my domain. As a search consultant, my clients came to me seeking answers for their technology problems, but I sensed a common desire in many of them to delve deeper into more personal challenges. When our conversations shifted and I moved beyond the expected consulting role, I discovered something…

Supporting people to find the answers that lie underneath the surface, beyond our self-imposed walls is the key. 

Once I tapped into my superpower, supporting people to identify the root of their issues and discover who they are without their blocks, it filled me up in a way I didn’t ever know was possible.

Understanding my path was only half the battle though! 

But, understanding my path was only half the battle! Before I could step into my potential, I had to overcome my own barriers.

I worked tirelessly with my life coach to let go of what I thought success looked like, to peel back the layers and pinpoint what was holding me back.

Through this work, I created the space to allow in what was truly meant for me.

This deep inner work led me where I am now: running a thriving coaching business, excited every day to support my clients through their own struggles (those I know all too well), and unlock the potential that is waiting for them on the other side. 

I help high-achieving professionals like you to no longer feel the fake mask of self-confidence but to truly feel enough as they are, no mask required.

Would you like to discover your true self without the mask?