Connecting with myself

My children are all away, and I have a few days for myself. The house is empty, only me and my thoughts…

Sometimes it feels good to have some time to reflect, retreat, and recharge.

I believe it’s good not only for me, but also for my children. When I’m recharged, they have a balanced, energetic, happy mom! – So this is what my days are all about now.

Language class?

Girls night out with a friend?

Walk in the forest? Concert in the town?

Run (again, after missing too many months!)? Gym?

Dancing around in the empty house?

Reading a lot? Drinking coffee outside on a sunny day?

Just sitting and doing “nothing”?

Done. Done. Done.

We’re so focused on always “doing” something. Our lives are all around “results”.



What if we just slow down and do “nothing” for a while?

I have to admit, it took me a long time to let myself do this, to allow myself be not “productive”, not “busy”.

Just “be”.

Be it meditation or retreat or something else, I believe that sometimes this is the best we can do for ourselves, for our families, for our beloved ones.

So I’m (re)connecting with myself.

Observing, reflecting, learning.

Recharging my batteries.

Do I miss my children? – Of course I do! I love them to the moon and back!

This is why we’ll also have a family vacation together in a few weeks time.

First I’m recharging alone, later together with my family.

Because I need both – for myself, and for them.

And also, as a leader, for the people I work with…

I am a transformational life coach and leadership development coach, supporting high achieving professionals like you break down your limiting beliefs and step into a new, fulfilling reality that you never thought possible.

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