It’s Never too Early to Start

One of my favorite Facebook pages, A Mighty Girl, posted a great article recently which really resonated with me as a mom and as a mentor:

I’ve mentioned their page before and the reason I especially like it is that it is specifically for our young girls and young women. Their messages are always positive and empowering — you can never have enough of that at any age and for our next up-and-coming generations there are some really wonderful role models and attitude modeling which any youngster would be proud to emulate.

Photo Credit: A Mighty Girl

The post about Kate Winslet insisting on her L’Oreal contract ‘no retouch’ clause drew over 122 000 likes and over 30 000 shares. The famous actor is quoted in her interview with E! News as saying:

“I do think we have a responsibility to the younger generation of women. I think they do look to magazines, I think they do look to women who have been successful in their chosen careers and they want people to look up to, and I would always want to be telling the truth about who I am, to that generation because they’ve got to have strong leaders. We’re all responsible for raising strong young women, so these are things that are important to me.”

I thought that was fantastic!

That Kate Winslet is so appropriately conscious of the impact upon the self-esteem of girls and young women, and of her responsibility as an A-list actor, makes me want to hug her.

All our kids see TV, magazines, billboards and other forms of advertising, where they are bombarded by the Western cultural ideal of beauty. Even my little daughter is already aware of this — at age six! No amount of parental supervision can shield them from the impact of modern day marketing and from the mindset it promotes. But we can influence our youngsters’ views and attitudes to what they are seeing and hearing; we can direct their attention to, understanding of, and appreciation for, better messages — like Ms Winslet’s and those found on the A Mighty Girl page.

It’s never too early to start!

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