Just a Cappuccino — Or More?…

I miss so many things these days.

First and foremost, friends and family abroad. With these travel restrictions, I feel I am in a cage. A pleasant one, for sure, safe and sound, with family, and we have lots of joy together. It could be much worse, I know.

I cannot complain…

But still…

I miss traveling.

I miss eating out.

I miss zillion other things.

But today, I had a moment…

A moment when I pretended everything was ok.

When I could believe everything would be all right again.

I have no idea when.

I have no idea how.

For a few minutes, while drinking this take-away coffee, first time after more than three months (feels forever!) — I could pretend.

To feel a little bit of “normal”, I have to pretend…

We all have to.

So when you have your next coffee today, close your eyes with the first sip and pretend… I’ll be there in spirit.

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