Let’s get that Exercise Done!

I have to admit, I’ve been lazy in the last few… years. Yes.

Before that, I did run. I did orienteering. I did Tai Chi.

It would be easy to say I stopped exercising because I got a new baby (twelve years ago!). Then two. Then three.

But it would be just a bad excuse.

I could also say that I was too busy to go to the gym. Or to the trail.

But again, it would be a bad excuse.

Then, I got to the point where I was feeling stressed. The only thing I wanted to do is being alone, somewhere far far away. To crawl back to my bed every morning and sleep all day long.

I knew it was wrong but first I didn’t find the real reason.

I tried many things. Vitamins. More time on fresh air. Drinking more coffee. Drinking less coffee. Sleeping more. Sleeping less.

Nothing has helped.

Then a friend of mine suggested to go to the gym.

But you know, I am not a “gym person”. I don’t like group classes at all. So I figured out to go for spinning instead. In the town I live there’s a special “InfraTrainer” place where there’s only you and the bicycle, and some infra light panels to intensify the whole experience.

So I tried it. And went back a few days later again. Then again. And again…

Well, I cannot say I already have a habit to go there, but last week I had an important breakthrough.

I had a VERY bad day. You know, when you don’t even want to crawl out of the bed in the morning. When you wish you could cancel all the meetings for that day. When you feel cold the whole day. When the world is just… against you.

So I had one of those days. But I had an appointment for spinning, too. I have to admit, I considered to cancel it, too. But in the end I stood up and went there.

And something happened that I did not expect. Something I hadn’t felt for many years before.

I enjoyed it.

One hour later, I felt much more energized. I felt I am “back to normal” again. I had good mood again.

It was such a great feeling.

I remember now that I had had the very same feeling many times, many years ago.

I know many of you know this feeling, too.

But for me it was such an eye opening moment last week.

I just wanted to write it down and share with you. That it feels good: to stretch your comfort zone. To do something for your health and well-being.

Let’s do that more often!

Let’s do something for yourself.




And one more thing:

Put it on your schedule!

Without high priority and being on the schedule, it’s just one more task that you keep postponing.

(Ok, maybe not you. But I would do that, for sure.)

Photo by Hope House Press on Unsplash

I found it helps a lot if I schedule visiting the gym in the morning. My family leaves at 7:10am, so I can be in the gym by 8am. And by 9:30am, I am done — and ready to rock the day.

If I cannot have an appointment for 8am, that makes is more difficult to get there. Once I sit down to work on anything, it’s hard to stand up and force myself to leave. Also, I have the feeling it interrupts my day which makes me even guilty.

Afternoons and evenings? No way. That is when my family schedule is the most hectic.

So I try to do this at 8am, twice a week.

Maybe it’s not the morning that works for you but make it a priority, and put on your schedule, then consider it as an important meeting — this time, with yourself.

I still have to work on making it a habit, but hey, I am already done with my first season ticket! I had to buy a second one today!! Yay!

I am a transformational life coach and leadership development coach, supporting high achieving professionals like you break down your limiting beliefs and step into a new, fulfilling reality that you never thought possible.

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