Three Reasons Why Sewing is a great Balancer

People are often surprised when they discover my rather old-fashioned pastime of sewing. I think they find it a bit at odds with my tech-head professional activities. Yet, what could be a better balance, than that of absorbing yourself in both the old and the new? How fortunate to be living in an era where both can be embraced and enjoyed! In one day, I can be working with cutting edge technology and then immersing myself in the age old act of making each tiny stitch.

One activity can make things happen instantaneously, whereas the other takes measured, considered time and attention. One activity requires my mind to be focused and fast, whereas the other requires a slower pace, during which, I can be at leisure to let my thoughts drift a little, peacefully.

So yes, sewing truly is a great balancer for me. Here are the most important reasons why:

1. I find sewing is immensely relaxing. Stitch by stitch, it’s like a special meditation.

2. I have just as great feeling of achievement from the joy a lovingly handcrafted gift brings to a dear one, as I do from the gratitude of a client or from receiving an industry award.
Like the gift to my daughter on her recent birthday: Not a gadget or device, a store-bought present, nor a lavish trip or treat. I sewed for her. And she was very delighted with my gift. She takes the bag everywhere with a happy smile — do I need any bigger “thank you” from her?

3. These old skills are fast becoming lost in the technological advances we are constantly making. As our societal expectations take up the wonders of technology, we tend to live at a pace which is not always ideal. We expect to be able to communicate with anyone anywhere with immediacy; to pack our schedules so full that almost every minute is productively accounted for, to acquire or procure whatever we want or need straight away. Sewing, stitch by stitch is the complete opposite in pace and expectation.

What is your way to actively relax? What do you do to balance your professional activities? Reading? Photography? Painting? Dancing? — Please let me know, I’m eager to hear your ideas.

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