Working Out Loud

If you haven’t read John Stepper’s book Working Out Loud I highly recommend it. As I was reading it recently, I had to realize, I’ve been doing exactly this in the last fifteen (or even more) years.

Probably, not that conscious though.

Reading the book, I did not only had numerous “Aha!” moments, but also decided to change a few things from now on.

One of those is to communicate the mistakes I make more often. Yes, I make mistakes. Of course! I am not a perfect mother, not a perfect wife, and not a perfect entrepreneur either. I have bad days, make bad decisions and suffer from the consequences more than I would have ever admitted.

Another one is to spend even more time with supporting others. I’ve been focusing on my professional career in the last 20 years. Yes, I have been also coaching and mentoring others, but most of them were also in IT, which I want to continue, of course. But recently I’ve got an opportunity to mentor other mompreneurs (mom-entrepreneurs) who are not in technology at all but who want to… guess what? — Improve their speaking and presentation skills in English as a second language.

No, I’m not going to start a language class.

It’s going to be about their self-esteem, self-confidence and courage to try and do something new, to overcome their own fears.

My first group starts early May — I am already very excited about it! It’s going to be fun, I know, and I will learn a lot from it. (And hopefully they’ll learn a lot, too 😉 )

I am a transformational life coach, supporting high achieving professionals on the journey to find their true calling, and pursue their dreams. Ever wonder who you would be if you got past the fear? Curious what you could be capable of if you shed the blocks holding you back? I am here to help you to discover.

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