Working Out Loud

If you haven’t read John Stepper’s book Working Out Loud I highly recommend it. As I was reading it recently, I had to realize, I’ve been doing exactly this in the last fifteen (or even more) years.

Probably, not that conscious though.

Reading the book, I did not only had numerous “Aha!” moments, but also decided to change a few things from now on.

One of those is to communicate the mistakes I make more often. Yes, I make mistakes. Of course! I am not a perfect mother, not a perfect wife, and not a perfect entrepreneur either. I have bad days, make bad decisions and suffer from the consequences more than I would have ever admitted.

Another one is to spend even more time with supporting others. I’ve been focusing on my professional career in the last 20 years. Yes, I have been also coaching and mentoring others, but most of them were also in IT, which I want to continue, of course. But recently I’ve got an opportunity to mentor other mompreneurs (mom-entrepreneurs) who are not in technology at all but who want to… guess what? — Improve their speaking and presentation skills in English as a second language.

No, I’m not going to start a language class.

It’s going to be about their self-esteem, self-confidence and courage to try and do something new, to overcome their own fears.

My first group starts early May — I am already very excited about it! It’s going to be fun, I know, and I will learn a lot from it. (And hopefully they’ll learn a lot, too 😉 )

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